Former SBU chief Nalyvaichenko unveils MP and ex-deputy prosecutor's corruption scheme. DOCUMENT

During a meeting of Verkhovna Rada anti-corruption committee, Poroshenko Bloc MP Ihor Kononenko said he had declared his income since 1999.

Censor.NET reports.

"My assets in Ukraine are transparent. They can be easily traced," he stressed. Kononenko provided a printout to the committee with amounts declared over the past years.

Kononenko assured he had no ties to Intraco Management Ltd. "I even had not been aware of its existence before the documents were released," he added.


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Censor.NET blogger Serhii Ivanov wrote that Nalyvaichenko drew an analogy between Poroshenko/Kononenko and Lazarenko in the context of offshore money laundering, referring to the FBI.

Kononenko, in his turn, denies everything. "He assures he talked about the offshore laundering with the prosecutor of Kyiv and they dotted the i's, shows income declarations for the past 16 (!) years, demands imposing control over officials' expenditures. Overall, he talks about everything," the blogger writes.

Later on, Ivanov published the Kononenko-Herasymiuk scheme.

схема кононенко-герасимьюка

"This is the Kononenko-Herasymiuk scheme exposed by Nalyvaichenko. MP Leshchenko said Nalyvaichenko had to investigate it while leading the SBU. When asked by Leshchenko about Intraco Management Ltd, Kononenko said he had never heard about it before that day," Ivanov wrote on his Facebook page.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n356326