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 Occupied Donbas faces water supply problems, - ATO press center

There is a growing dissatisfaction of the residents in the occupied territories due to the problems with centralized water supply.

As reported by Censor.NET, it is stated by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) press center on its Facebook page.

"There are problems with water supply in Luhansk. In order to "improve" the situation, public utilities have cut water supply to satellite settlements in order to fill the shortage in the regional center," the statement notes.

"The same problems are encountered in the Perevalsk district of the so-called "LPR" where the situation with water supply is more than tense. There is no water in the villages of Bairachky and Sofiivka. Perevalsk, Artemivsk, Zorynsk, Yashchykove, and other settlements are facing partial shortage of water.

In the event of resumption of water supply to the settlements at the air temperature below zero, there is a threat of freezing of water and sewerage networks," the message reads.

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As also reported, after the end of hostilities in Debaltseve in March 2015, despite the repeated assurances by the self-proclaimed government, residential buildings and houses have not been not restored and sealed with windows. Those who left the city for Ukrainian-controlled territory and Russia do not hurry to return to their homes: on the contrary, feeling the imminent collapse, people continue to abandon the city.

The residents are also accusing the "DPR" authorities of embezzlement of funds allegedly allocated by Russia to restore the city.
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