Governor Saakashvili announces taking Odesa customs under control

Odesa Governor Mikheil Saakashvili and the State Fiscal Service (SFS) of Ukraine have agreed on the reforms of the Odesa regional customs office. Saakashvili's team got the go-ahead for changes implementation.

The head of the Odesa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili announced of the nearing reforms of the Odesa customs in his commentary to Censor.NET, its Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his Facebook page.

Saakashvili said he had agreed with Head of the SFS Roman Nasirov on appointing on Oct. 16 a new head of the Odesa regional customs offered by him - Yulia Marushevska. Her team will include Georgian advisers who have conducted customs reform in Georgia.

"Starting from now on, the only method of customs clearance shall be applied to all importers who operate fairly on the market -- the one based on contract value of the cargo," Saakashvili commented. He added that the Cabinet's decree #724, implementing use of unified custom price estimates for clearance, should not be applied, for "it is corruption."

The governor expects only 5-7% of violators of the new rules. According to Saakashvili, Odesa custom officers will not be able to dictate prices or arrest the goods - "they are just persons who process documents as regulated by rules."

"The SFS has a function of postaudit -- if they doubt honesty of a declaration, they should check unfair importers. After Yulia is appointed, we will start preparing a contest to fill the customs' positions. We have to hire new people using new system. I hope for support of our Western partners in order to receive aid for additional material support of the new customs officers, so that people earn decent salaries.

"The state has to be served by professionals, we have to stop financing corruption and incompetence with small salaries. I do realize that if we proceed with customs clearance using the first method [contract value of cargo - ed.], we will not be able to bring discipline to the entire customs [system]. But for me, it's important to show that reforms in fiscal area are easy and simply implemented, if having the will and making simple decisions," Saakashvili stated.

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