Yanukovych treasurers Katsuba brothers put on wanted list having fled from Ukraine

The Interior Ministry put ex-Deputy Chairmen of the Naftogaz of Ukraine National Joint Stock Company Serhii Katsuba and his brother Oleksandr on wanted list.

The hue-and-cry on Katsuba brothers is available on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Censor.NET reports.

Ex-deputy chairmen of Naftogaz are suspected of committing a crime under Part 5 of the Article 191 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement through abuse of office).

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It is pointed out that the court has ruled to detain the suspects.

According to the information, Serhii Katsuba escaped Sept. 27 and his brother Oleksandr Katsuba - Sept. 25.

Later it became known that ex-Deputy Head of Naftogaz Oleksandr Katsuba flew to Nice two days before the trial, where pretrial restriction should have been imposed on him.

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