Ukraine rejected Russian demands on several issues in Paris, MP Iryna Herashchenko says

Moscow expected to amp up the stakes using threats and pressure during meeting in Paris on Oct. 2 to bring Ukraine to terms of the Russian Federation.

Commissioner for the President on peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas, Petro Poroshenko bloc MP Iryna Herashchenko said in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Tuesday, Censor.NET reports.

However, according to her, it was possible to say 'no' to Russia on several issues thanks to the diplomatic efforts of the Ukrainian delegation.

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"In particular, Ukraine has rejected the demands of the Russian side regarding the revision of the amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization. We have as well refused to adopt the new law on the special order of the local government and the new law on local elections in the temporarily occupied territories, which would contradict the Ukrainian legislation," Herashchenko said.

In addition, Ukraine has also rejected Russia's demands to adopt the new amnesty law and said a firm 'no' to amnesty before the end of the conflict in the Donbas.

"Ukraine also refused to comply with the demand of the Russian Federation to establish direct dialogue with the criminals, who have been blackmailing the Donbas for half a year doing the Kremlin's bidding and refused to hold fake militants' elections. In addition, the Ukrainian side has rejected the demands of the Russian Federation to lift sanctions against the aggressor state," Herashchenko said.

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According to her, an agreement on the OSCE monitoring of the territory occupied by the pro-Russian militants as well as holding of scheduled local elections according to the OSCE standards was also reached.

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