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 'I committed a perjury against my friends and comrades under tortures’ – Ukrainian prisoner in Russia Karpiuk


’Right Sector’ deputy chief for ideological work Mykola Karpiuk, detained by Russians on March 17, 2014, told about his suicide attempt after being tortured by Russian special services.

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I understood that I committed a perjury against my friends and comrades under tortures. So I found a rusty nail in the cell and wanted to cut my own throat. I realized that suicide is the only solution in my situation. But there was a security camera hidden in the cell. The guards broke in and took the nail away. Afterwards, they searched the cell and started watching me," Karpiuk wrote in a letter to the European Court of Human Rights.

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"Of course, I'm aware that I committed a perjury against many people under tortures. The remorse will be with me until the last days. Please forgive me. I did it in order to protect my family," the prisoner wrote. Mykola Karpiuk has withdrawn his testimony once he was able to speak to his attorney, claiming that he was tortured.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Chechnya in Groznyi will conduct a trial against two Ukrainian citizens, Mykola Karpiuk and Stanislav Klich, on Oct. 12. Both defendants were accused of taking part in the first Chechen war in 1994-1995, and, in particular, of the murder of Russian soldiers.

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