Army preparation for winter in ATO: Defense Ministry asks military for information

ATO HQ logistics service is actively preparing military units in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area for the fall-winter period.

This is announced by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Dear soldiers, Defense Ministry's "Sarmat' coordinating staff invites you to control preparation of all army units in the ATO area for the winter campaign.

"I talked to head of the staff Bohdan Kovaliov about army's preparation for the winter in the ATO area. To prevent all problems, it is required to reconcile official reports with the real state of affairs. Bohdan, along with officers from the General Staff, has provided official information on the situation, so that we could check what is planned with the present posture of affairs and start reacting in advance, rather than when frosts set in. Here is information provided by the logistics service:

"1. As of Sept. 30, 2015, the logistics service is actively preparing military units in the ATO area for the fall-winter period. 6,600 cast iron stoves, complete with pipes, elbows, and spark arresters have been supplied to the military, with 1,800 more stoves staying in reserve, including 5,500 pipes, 3,000 elbows, 1,000 spark arresters. Moreover, at the request of unit commanders, firewood is being supplied from available reserves, amounting to 6,500 warehouse meters. More firewood is planned to be procured. At the request of unit commanders, coal is being supplied from available reserves, amounting to 950 tons. It has been calculated how much more coal is necessary.

"A question to the military: is every unit provided with stoves and fuel?

"2. Preparation for the issue of winter uniform is carried out by the staff in advance. From Sept. 1 till Jan. 30, 2015, following the requests, the following items have been issued: 22,000 winter jackets, 26,000 warm pants, 33,500 ankle boots of which new models - 25,000, as well as summer uniform - 34,000 sets.

"A question to the military: it is obvious that the number of issued items is less than the number of troops in the ATO area. Nevertheless, it is stated there are all kinds of goods in stock, and the issue is going on fine.

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"3. The transport is also being prepared rather actively. The military are provided with winter diesel fuel. Antifreeze and oil are supplied as requested.

"A question to the military: supply of fuel and lubricants is the most infamous and corrupt issue. The quality of fuel, antifreeze and oil, as well as their availability should be kept under control. Because stealing and dilution is primarily done by the command and logistics service teams.

"4. Catering is carried out by norms and in time.

"More than 15 field audits in four sectors in the ATO area have been carried out by joint efforts of the logistics service and 'Sarmat' coordinating staff. The identified problems were tackled on spot. At the moment, the catering in ATO area can be described as positive.

"A question to the military: if you have questions regarding the quality of food, please, do not keep silent, voice your claims. The criticism encourages the logistics service and suppliers to work better.

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"5. A huge problem, though, remains - intermediate level officers fail to timely and accurately submit requests to the logistics service for it to plan and supply necessary items to military units in the ATO area.

"A question to the military: submitting requests is the highest responsibility of the higher command failing to arrange proper communication with its subordinates. Let us control commanders, and if there are any violations of supply terms, do not let the situation reach an impasse - contact the coordinating staff immediately.

"Contact Bohdan Kovaliov:

"+38 (066) 995-02-35," Butusov wrote.

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