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 Ukrainian supporters in occupied Crimea set to participate in peninsula's blockade

Well-known Crimean social activist and blogger Lisa Bohutska said that Ukrainian patriots residing on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea are arranging a rally in support of the peninsula's blockade.

"We came up with an interesting initiative today. First, we wanted to showcase our talents at Chonhar [administrative border crossing point between mainland Ukraine and Crimea - ed]. But then, on reflecting, we decided to do it other way. We plan an ideological rather than art action. We decided to bring in professionals. I think you will like the result of our undertaking," the activist wrote on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"I do not want any forespeaking because I am not sure about the result. But we are getting prepared. If everything turns out fine, it will be perfect! The implementation requires two to three days," Bohutska said.

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In her comment to Novy Region Lisa explained that the result of their work would be seen on both sides of the administrative border - on mainland Ukraine and in occupied Crimea. The event is scheduled to begin on Thursday.

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