Poland summons Russian ambassador after he blames Warsaw for Second World War

Warsaw is to summon Russian ambassador Sergey Andreyev, who said the country was partially to blame of the WWII for not allowing Soviet troops to transit its territory.

Censor.NET reports citing The Telegraph.

Russia's ambassador to Poland has said Warsaw bears partial responsibility for the Second World War in the latest diplomatic spat between the two countries.

Just two days after Sergey Andreyev said in a television interview that Poland "bears partial responsibility for the catastrophe that ensued in September 1939", Warsaw is to summon the Russian ambassador amid the row about who started the Second World War.

The squabble comes days after Russia summoned the Polish ambassador to Moscow over the desecration of dozens of Soviet war graves in a village in Poland last week.

Andreyev appeared to be blaming Warsaw for blocking alliances against Nazi Germany and declining to allow Soviet troops to transit Polish territory in the run up to war.

He also said the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 - two weeks after the Nazi invasion led Britain and France to declare war on Germany - was not aggression, but a defensive act "to ensure the safety of the USSR".

Polish foreign ministry said Andreyev would be summoned to explain his comments on Monday to Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna.

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Polish Cabinet's press secretary Cezary Tomczyk in his turn said to TVN24 channel that "diplomacy has quite clear opportunities in regard to ambassadors... starting off with a regular protest note and up to expulsion of a diplomat from the country," adding that the decision on Andreyev will be made by the Foreign Ministry.

"The ambassador's words are like a slap on the face for each one of us," Tomczyk commented.

Poland's Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz also expressed displeasure with the ambassador.

"The role of an ambassador accredited in a country should be to build to build harmony and friendly relations between countries," Kopacz said, quoted by Fox News.
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