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 Ukraine's new Military Doctrine approved

President Petro Poroshenko signed decree enacting National Security and Defense Council's decision on the new edition of the Military Doctrine of Ukraine dated Sept. 2, 2015.

Censor.NET reports citing presidential press service.

According to the document, the actual military threat Ukraine is facing today is Russia's armed aggression including temporary occupation of Crimea and aggression in certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Other threats posed by Russia include its military buildup in close proximity to Ukraine's state border, deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Crimea, militarization of temporarily occupied territories, presence of Russian military contingent in Transnistria, intensification of reconnaissance and subversive activities by Russian special forces aimed to destabilize the internal situation in Ukraine.

The activity of illegal armed groups on Ukraine's territory aimed to destabilize internal social and political situation in the country, intimidate people, suppress their will to resist, disrupt the work of state authorities, local governance, industries, and infrastructure is yet another threat.

The doctrine outlines military-political challenges that can transform into a threat of using military force against Ukraine, including first of all Russia's interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, opposing Ukraine's European choice as well as its participation in setting up the collective security system.

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The doctrine also stipulates for scenarios that may endanger Ukraine's military security, the main scenario being a full-scale armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, pursuing firm military-political goals.

According to the document, Ukraine's military politics is based on the fact that "Ukraine wants to maintain friendly relations with all world countries secured by international agreements proclaiming equality, non-interference in internal affairs, mutual respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity."

The doctrine stipulates for the key tasks aimed at restoring state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, presupposing a comprehensive reform of the national security system, so that it is acceptable for gaining membership in the European Union and NATO, as well as formation of an effective security and defense sector providing ample capacity to repel any armed aggression. Another task is further development of the Ukrainian Armed Forces under the western standards and achievement of interoperability with NATO forces.

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