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 Odesa can be a model of transparent, accountable government and business, - US Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt

The United States is helping to build Ukraine’s capacity to fight corruption, expose the guilty and see them punished appropriately. And we are helping to do it, here in Odesa.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said at Odesa Financial Forum September 24, 2015, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the U.S. Embassy.

The Ambassador has voiced several examples of the provided assistance: " First, the U.S. government is developing a program to provide training for every judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney in Odesa Oblast on the adversarial process in criminal proceedings as envisioned by the new Criminal Procedure Code.

"We hope that this pilot project will demonstrate how Ukraine's criminal process can be made more effective. If it is successful, the project can be a model for the rest of Ukraine.

"Second, we partnered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Odesa to deploy the new Patrol Police in Odesa. The presence of these officers on the streets is a concrete demonstration of how Ukraine is changing, but more importantly, they are building trust with the public. That trust will give rise to confidence - the confidence to work together to expose and fight the petty corruption that stifles small business and intimidates average citizens.

"Third, we are funding a team of Ukrainian, regional, and international experts who are working with Governor Saakashvili to flesh out an anticorruption and deregulation agenda for Odesa oblast. Odesa's vision for reform is transformative. If successful, Odesa can be a model of transparent, accountable government and business.

"It will be a symbol of success in the new Ukraine. Odesa, long known for corruption, will come clean. Investment and opportunity will follow," Geoffrey Pyatt said.

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The Ambassador added: "However, there is one glaring problem that threatens all of the good work that regional leaders here in Odesa, in Kharkiv, in Lviv, and elsewhere are doing to improve the business climate and build a new model of government that serves the people.

"That problem threatens everything that the Rada, the Cabinet, the National Reform Council, and others are doing to push political and economic reforms forward and make life better for Ukrainians, and it flies in the face of what the Revolution of Dignity is trying to achieve.

"That obstacle is the failure of the institution of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to successfully fight internal corruption. Rather than supporting Ukraine's reforms and working to root out corruption, corrupt actors within the Prosecutor General's office are making things worse by openly and aggressively undermining reform.

"We want to work with Prosecutor General Shokin so the PGO is leading the fight against corruption," he said and assured that " U.S. businesses continue to look for opportunities to invest in Ukraine, a Ukraine committed to reform, transparency, accountability, and clear rules properly enforced."

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