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 Possible criminal conspiracy of Kernes and court to be checked, - Minister Avakov

выборы пр харьков кернес фальсификации

Checking of the judge in the case against Kharkiv mayor Hennadii Kernes is underway, Ukraine's Interior Minister says. He also expresses his opinion about the recent events in Kharkiv.

As reported by Censor.NET, Avakov wrote about it on his Facebook page.

He said: "An infamous instigator known in Kharkiv as Dopa (people's deputy Mykhailo Dobkin - ed.), in an attempt to realize his primitive intention to destabilize the situation in the city ahead of elections and launch of the new patrol police, comes up with a provocative idea to rename one of the streets in Kharkiv as Berkut Heroes Street.

"As a result, the indignant (risen to provocation) patriots and ATO veterans conduct a childish, stupid, and disgraceful action near his house. Moreover, they carry out an even more ridiculous attack at the building of the Kharkiv City Council with an absurd requirement to meet with Dopa and Hepa (Kharkiv mayor - ed.)."

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The Minister stressed: "Vivid picture, hot ticker for all media, TV channels, and news agencies - particularly those hostile to changing Ukraine.

"Well done! The provocation has worked out, the instigators has managed to create an atmosphere of chaos and negative emotions, which they find so sweet, familiar and comfortable.

"Kharkiv, wake up! This is their environment, not ours! Think before you give vent to emotions and rise to provocations of scoundrels."

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"I once again demand an adequate (including timing) trial and a legal verdict! The Interior Ministry and the PGO have brought charges against Hepa and taken the case to court. We demand that the court do its job and rule a judgement!

"Yesterday, a group of MPs addressed the Interior Ministry, claiming criminal conspiracy of Kernes and court aimed to obstruct justice. Checking is underway," the minister resumed.

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