Poroshenko stands against free possession of weapons in Ukraine

President Poroshenko said that according to his information, only 11 percent of Ukrainians support free possession of firearms.

He said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels, Censor.NET reports.

Speaking about the petition for the legalization of weapons, he noted that the signatories of the petition are not the whole society. "I strongly support the mechanism of petitions but it is not the will of all the people in fact. Its aim is to attract the attention," Petro Poroshenko said.

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According to him, only 11 percent of Ukrainians support the free possession of firearms, while 82 percent do not. "Of course, my point of view coincides with the one of the 82 percent of Ukrainians," he said.

"I do not support those who wish to walk the streets carrying guns, thus destabilizing the situation in the cities located far from the ATO area. If you like to use weapons, you are welcome to visit a military enlistment office and become a volunteer soldier. You will complete training, pass the test... We now have a very important function of national defense. And you are needed there today more than ever. Do you want to employ weapons against civilians? We will not allow you to do this. And you will be held accountable," the president said.

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