Economic war in Crimea, Donbas, and Transnistria would be heavy blow to Putin, – Butusov

Russia is currently in a very vulnerable position. Putin's messianic strategies forced him to open new foreign policy fronts one by one, pushing the country into an arms race amid the sharp economic downturn and the crisis.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote in his article "When will the war end?" for Zn.ua.

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"Russia is extremely vulnerable not in a direct military confrontation, but in an indirect conflict, just like the Brezhnev's Soviet Union was. If casualties at the front are extremely painful for Russian command, the economic and political leverage over the Kremlin will have equal importance," he wrote.

"Ukraine has powerful leverage on the Russian Federation. We can also use contra tactics against Russian troops in the Donbas and start a war at enemy communications. Our goal is not to destroy the Russian army with one blow, but to apply the tactics of "small cuts." It is necessary to drastically increase the economic and financial burden on the Russian Federation," he said.

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"Economic war in Crimea, as well as on the occupied territories of the Donbas and in Transnistria, would be a heavy blow to Putin. Russia should spend resources on the supply and maintenance of the occupied territories, and the more the better. This will increase the pressure on the Russian budget, undermining the resource base of the enemy. Enclave in Transnistria must be subjected to an economic blockade even more rigid than Crimea because the elimination of the threat on the southern flank and the weakness of the enemy in this area can eliminate a strategic threat to the Odesa region and allow our allies - Moldova and Romania - launch a more decisive policy on the return of occupied Moldovan territories," Butusov summed up.

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