Russian contract soldiers who refused to fight in Syria could be charged with treason

Russian contract soldiers, who refused to be redeployed to Syria from the military port of Novorossiysk, could face a criminal prosecution.

Ivan Pavlov, representative of the informal association of lawyers (Komanda 29) informed, Censor.NET reports citing Gazeta.ru

According to him, the prosecutors asked the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) for help in an investigation of the incident. "They have started to interrogate the soldiers. They are threatening military personnel with criminal prosecution. Particular articles were not mentioned, but most likely the soldiers could be charged with treason," Pavlov said.

He also added that it's forbidden for the soldiers to leave the military unit.

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Earlier, Gazeta.ru journalist met with the four contract soldiers, headed by Aleksei N.

"It will be hot in the country of arrival. You have to remember about hygiene and it's forbidden to leave the territory of the military unit," Russian command said to the abovementioned soldiers. They were also told what to do and how to behave in captivity.

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