In democracy, Prosecutor General Shokin would come to parliament just for retirement, - Butusov

In a democratic state such a prosecutor general as Victor Shokin would attend Parliament's session only to submit his resignation.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov writes on his Facebook page.

"I support the removal of Mosiichuk's immunity and his detention. The grounds for arrest are obvious, and Mosiichuk will have to make excuses for his words before the court. And the authorities will be proving his guilt. This is how it happens in a democratic society.

"But it is absolutely scandalous that Parliament's session was attended by Prosecutor General Shokin, whose subordinates Shapakin and Korniiets had been caught red-handed on a bribe, and who Shokin is trying to help out. When police came for a search at Shapakin's place, his wife immediately sent a text message to Shokin's wife. They are close friends and families. Moreover, Shokin was going to appoint Korniiets prosecutor of the Kyiv region.

"Korniiets is an important person within PGO's "business" - he is responsible for collecting money from garbage and sand business in the Kyiv region.

"After his arrest, Shokin illegally, without any authorization of the proceeding supervisor, took over the case, after which, the lawyers of the "diamond prosecutors" got exclusive details of the investigation.

"In a democratic state, such a prosecutor general could come to the Parliament only in order to submit his resignation. But here he fights against corruption," Butusov wrote.

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