Ministry of Justiced voiced the number of purged officials

700 officials have been dismissed under the law on authorities purges.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the head of the Justice Ministry department on purging Tetiana Kozachenko on air of Hromadske.tv.

"There is no statistics in Ukraine on how many people are covered by bans. I can only speak of cases when a person is covered by the law, but he or she does not want to leave and stays at the public service without resigning. Then this person is fired under the law and listed in the unified registry of bans. There are about 700 persons in the registry as of now," Kozachenko said.

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In July, Kozachenko informed that 620 officials have been covered by the purging law. At the same time, no judges were purged under the legislation.

As known, the "Law on purging" went into effect on Oct. 16, 2014. It provides for purging of citizens who had been occupying public positions during Viktor Yanukovych's presidency. The law also curtails the right of high-profile Yanukovych-era officials to occupy positions in the state bodies for five and 10 years.
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