Large-scale terrorist attack averted in M sector, - Mariupol Defense Staff

It was calm in the M sector yesterday. No attacks, provocative actions, and drone flights have been reported.

Nevertheless, a large-scale terrorist attack have been averted, Censor.NET reports citing the Mariupol Defense Staff press service.

In the vicinity of Orlovske village, an explosion was found placed in a sack lying amid heap of stones. It consisted of four kilos of TNT, thermobaric weapon (which is not produced and used in the territory of Ukraine), and electric detonator.

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According to intelligence, the enemy intended to use the bomb for a terrorist attack on the road against a passenger bus. The force of the explosion would be enormous. Should the sack detonate near a passenger bus of Ikarus type, its passengers could be identified only through a DNA examination. It is noteworthy that the sack had a sticker on it reading "Aid for Novorossia."

"Except for this dangerous discovery, Ukraine's intelligence came across an enemy minefield in the vicinity of Hnutove village. According to the military, the minefield was laid by highly trained specialists. It was revealed by certain characteristics and errors of enemy miners. The minefield was kind of mixed. Next to the anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines were laid, which are banned by international conventions.

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"As reported, Ukrainian engineer units do not possess this kind of weapon. After all, our state, in early days of its independence, acceded international conventions banning the use of certain weapons and ammunition. With the start of agricultural works or a simple attempt of civilians to cross the field, the mines would go off bringing tragedy," the staff stated.

Overall, Ukrainian mine pickers defused 14 different mines. Others were destroyed by special means.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n351838