"August Battalion was completely destroyed. Do you think anyone was rendering a salute to trucks full of bodies returning to Russia? We are still Russians for them,” – interview with Russian militant

Having returned to Russia from the Donbas, the Russian mercenary has confirmed major losses of the terrorists.

Censor.NET published interview of "LPR" militant Vyacheslav Isaev with the Russian Dozhd TV channel earlier in August. The transcription of the text, which was not included in the video of the interview, was later published on the listock.ru.

Speaking on the terrorists' losses near Debaltseve, Isaev admitted that his battalion was destroyed.

"Almost the entire August detachment was destroyed. The remains were included in different other detachments," the Russian terrorist claimed.

He expressed belief that the conflict in the Donbas would impact Russia itself.

"I do not know who needs this war at all. It makes sense if the point is to train our raw troops. But if our people were sacrificed purely for the sake, as they say, fraternal people, well, it's not worth it. As the famous poem goes: "We will never be brothers." It is true, you know. This girl has actually made a good point. We are actually not their brothers. We are still Russians for them no matter if we treat them good or bad. We will always be Russians for them. Do you think anyone was rendering a salute to trucks full of bodies returning to Russia? We are yet to sup sorrow, that's for sure. And this entire war will be turned against us. But they will make an agreement, trust me. They always did. Those out of favor will be simply eliminated and those acceptable will be appointed... The Russian and Ukrainian generals have graduated the same academies! Half of the General Staff are ethnic Ukrainians. They've got grandparents there. They previously were going on vacations there every summer," Isayev said.

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