“We received weapons in Rostov. They promised to pay $4,500 per month,” interview with Russian mercenary

According to the Russian mercenary, who returned to Russia from the Donbas, the citizens of the Russian Federation participated in war on the territory of Ukraine for money.

Censor.NET published interview of "LPR" militant Vyacheslav Isaev with the Russian Dozhd TV channel earlier in August. The transcription of the text, which was not included in the video of the interview, was later published on the listock.ru.

"I was promised to get paid. They even put a firm figure - $4,500 per month. I was planned to go there as an instructor, to teach insurgents military tactics and assist the Russian people in general. We gathered in St. Petersburg in the office of private military company, received munitions there. The weapons were provided in Rostov. We also received armored vehicles there. We entered Donbas through Severnyi border crossing point. It was not actually a border crossing point but a section of the border, which was opened for entry," terrorist Isaev said.

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He also confirmed that the citizens of Russia participated in the war in Donbas for money: "The majority of them came there being promised money. I guess someone got paid while others were scammed. I was paid nothing at all."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n351498