Deputy Prosecutor General Sakvarelidze promises several new cases against prosecutors soon

Employees of the PGO General Inspectorate, which investigates cases involving prosecutors, have detained several other prosecutors after high-profile arrests of PGO Main Investigation Department Deputy Head Volodymyr Shapakin and Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Korniiets. There are currently 6-7 high-profile cases under investigation.

Deputy Prosecutor General Davit Sakvarelidze said in an interview with Segodnia newspaper, Censor.NET reports.

"There will be more detentions besides those already committed. We have arrested the interdistrict prosecutor in Poltava, the prosecutor in Lviv, who was caught receiving a bribe, the prosecutor who was selling drugs. There were several others as well... There are currently 6-7 high-profile cases being investigated. And I think there will be interesting developments in a day or two. Now we expect the expansion of our agency. In particular, it will have its own security office to prevent leakage of information," he said.

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At the same time Sakvarelidze said that he planned to expand General Inspectorate workforce and move it to a separate building: "We are now taking measures to expand the General Inspectorate workforce while seven investigators and three procedural employees are insufficient. It should be a classified agency located in a separate building with its own internal investigation department, investigators, the procedural department, security office."

At the same time, the deputy prosecutor general noted that those proceedings that were initiated against certain employees of the General Inspectorate after the arrest of Shapakin and Korniiets have been ceased.

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