Luhansk Governor Tuka: Smuggling in Luhansk region curtailed by 70-75 percent

Head of the Luhansk regional military civil administration Heorhii Tuka argues that after the counter-smuggling joint mobile groups embarked on their raids, the contraband flows decreased considerably. However, he can hardly say it is a success, since it is impossible to objectively estimate the situation.

As reported by Censor.NET, Tuka said this in an interview with ZN.UA. "It is not a comprehensive tool, but after the groups were launched the level of smuggling across the demarcation line reduced by 70-75 percent, that is for sure," Tuka said. At the same time, he notes that he "would not call it a success, as another outcome (of smuggling reduction - ed.) after the groups started to operate is an aggravation at the front line and increase of attacks."

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"Which factor proved decisive is hard to tell. It is impossible to objectively assess the situation. Because certain powers-that-be want to earn more money here just as in any other sector of the border," Tuka said.

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"There are enough people who take advantage of a significant difference in prices of goods on government-controlled territory and in "people's republics", they just do business. They are in collusion with Ukraine's defense and security services at the demarcation line," he adds. According to the governor, they smuggle "everything." But mostly - food, medicines, counterfeit alcohol and tobacco products.

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"To be legally precise, at the demarcation line, as opposed to the state border, we observe no smuggling, but certain violations of crossing procedures. Moreover, an offender can be stopped not so much by severity of punishment as its inevitability. We have problems with severity: criminal responsibility for violation at the demarcation line is not stipulated, as to inevitability - everything is sold," he said.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n351208