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 Samopomich parliamentary faction convenes meeting of coalition, - MP Soboliev

The meeting of the coalition will take place on the initiative of the Samopomich faction today at 3:30 p.m. Kyiv time.

MP from Samopomich party Yehor Soboliev told Censor.NET correspondent.

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According to him, it is necessary to revive the parliamentary coalition: "First, we should stop voting laws by means of members of the Party of Regions (Opposition bloc MPs were meant - Ed.). If there is no consensus on certain issue within the coalition, it means that it cannot be legislated. The people have elected this very parliament. We should not manipulate with their choice. They did not give us the right to make a decision by collusion with the Party of Regions. Secondly, it is necessary to enforce the laws that we vote. Then not only the coalition but the state itself will work properly," the MP said. Soboliev stated that Samopomich advocates adoption of a specific amendment to the Constitution regarding appointment of the new composition of judges and new prosecutor general.

"His own man who will actually enforce the laws is needed here. He should be selected in a competition. It is also necessary to create a new General Staff out of people with combat experience, but not from the current generalship. In addition, it is necessary to attain fair revaluation of [utility] rates. The parliamentary commission has already found that manipulations took place during their calculation. We oppose including additional funds for regional gas companies and the rest of intermediaries there. It's just not fair. We will write down these proposals of ours and announce them at a meeting of the coalition," the politician said.

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