Six 'LPR' Grads were missing from holding areas – OSCE

Observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine reported that Grad multiple rocket launcher systems were missing from a 'LPR' heavy weapons holding area.

This was announced in the latest report from the OSCE SMM to Ukraine based on information received as of 4 September 2015, Censor.NET writes.

"The SMM visited for the first time one 'LPR' heavy weapons holding area and visited again one 'LPR' heavy weapons holding area, whose locations corresponded with the respective withdrawal lines. At the first area, the 'LPR' members allowed the SMM to see weapons only from a distance and the SMM could not verify the serial numbers. At the second area, the SMM saw that all weapons previously observed on 1 July (six multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) (Grad, 122mm)) were absent. 'LPR' members told the SMM that all weapons had been relocated to a new holding area," the report reads.

The SMM also visited again two Ukrainian Armed Forces heavy weapons holding areas. In both areas, the SMM observed that all previously registered weapons were present and their serial numbers matched the SMM's records.

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