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 "Sanctions and cease-fire - this is what has been nearly disrupted by my political opponents," - Poroshenko commented on events in Parliament

Today, at the NSDC meeting headed by the president, the parties discussed the expansion of special economic sanctions and other restrictive measures against the aggressor.

Censor.NET reports citing the president's press office.

The president drew attention to the importance of today's decision of the EU Committee of Permanent Representatives on extension of personal sanctions against Russian entities until March 2016. The head of state noted that deliberate positive vote of the Ukrainian Parliament for the constitutional amendments "has paved the way for prolongation of personal sanctions against Russian entities involved in the "Anschluss" of Crimea and occupation of the Donbas."

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"Coordinated actions of responsible political forces and people's deputies have finally resulted in a great stride towards peace, because sanctions and heroism of our warriors are the key elements of deterring the Russian aggression," the head of state noted.

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"Sanctions and cease-fire. This is what has been nearly disrupted by my political opponents. If the vote for constitutional amendments had failed, we would have found ourselves alone against the aggressor," the president commented on the events in the Parliament and on the Square of Constitution in the course of the vote for constitutional amendments. He stressed complete irresponsibility of those who tried to block the adoption of the given decision.

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