Major losses previously concealed by terrorists exposed

A journalist has examined information about militants' casualties posted in open sources in defiance of "DPR" and "LPR" censorship, and asks witnesses to these combats to dwell on successful operations of Ukrainian soldiers.

This is stated by the Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"These are results of combat actions, leaking through enemy's censorship. After surfing through some information resources of Russian mercenaries I decided to do a small military-historical examination:

"1. In the battle near Nova Laspa, Aug. 10, 2015, Ukrainian artillery precisely hit a command post of the 2nd company of the motorized rifle battalion "Viking" of the 1st Slavic brigade of terrorists. The company commander called Khanzhos, having been involved in many terrorist operations before starting from Slaviansk, was destroyed.

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"2. Jan. 20, 2015, in a battle at the 31st checkpoint near the village of Smile, Slavianoserbsk district, an unknown Ukrainian unit destroyed an enemy tank and the commander of the 2nd tank battalion of Russian mercenaries Valeriy Lipnitskiy. Lipnitskiy is a traitor of Ukraine. Upon graduating from an armor school in Russia, he moved to Ukraine and worked here for 20 years as a police officer, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel. What Ukrainian unit engaged in this fight? The result is confirmed.

"3. In Lohvinove, Feb. 12, 2015, Ukrainian units really managed to clean up the village - a group of enemy infantry lingered in outskirts and was saved only due to a Russian tanks reinforcement. The enemy claims heavy losses, as well as effective work of our artillery and tanks, having destroyed militants' ammunition depot. The enemy tried to escape the village in a truck. One of our IFV's (30th Brigade -?) hit the truck, with almost everyone being inside having been killed. At the beginning of the battle, our troops destroyed military equipment of Oplot terrorist gang. The village was retained only after approach of Russian troops - militants constantly speak of reinforcement and airborne troops before camera. In fact, it was a unit of the Russian 5th Armored Brigade. Donbas battalion snipers effectively worked on enemy infantry, until Russian tanks appeared. Unfortunately, we lacked armored reserves and had to retreat. Obviously, Russian troops joined in after militants reported they were losing the village.

"4. Aug. 2, 2014, an unknown Ukrainian unit was engaged in a fierce combat in the village of Orlovo-Ivanivka, finishing successfully for us. In the morning, a Ukrainian army supply car was ambushed in the village, two soldiers died. After that, Ukrainian troops attacked the village. The enemy reported they had five wounded, and now the battle participants write they had at least 30 people killed.

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"5. Aug. 4, 2014, an unknown Ukrainian unit successfully fought in the vicinity of the mine "Komsomolets Donbasa." Militants note effective actions of a Ukrainian sniper, who caused heavy losses to the enemy, including enemy snipers called for counteractions.

"6. The enemy recognizes an effective strike by a Ukrainian Su-25 armored assault aircraft on a base of Prizrak battalion in the village of Mykhailivka near Alchevsk on Aug. 28, 2014. It would be nice to mention our pilots, who have greatly contributed to the war in the Donbas, and are worthy of our respect. For secrecy reasons their names can not be published so far, but I would like to describe the fighting as a remembrance.

"7. Were the combat helicopters Mi-24 used in battles near Luhansk in August 2014 as a direct support of our troops? The enemy claims a successful attack of our helis at an enemy tank column near Heorhiivka. Is it true? Who was in the village then - Aidar, 1st Armor Brigade, 80th Airmobile Brigade?

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"Please, send all sorts of interesting information about hostilities. After filtration and analysis, it sometimes helps restore the course of events," Butusov wrote.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n349853