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 Eight soldiers died in combat in M sector on Aug. 26

During the past day, M sector lost eight Ukrainian army soldiers.

This is reported by the Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov.

"The Internet has been shaken with information about heavy casualties suffered by Ukrainian army near Mariupol as a result of enemy shelling. Some sites have announced 19 dead, some - 30. At the same time, the ATO press service named seven dead. I found it necessary to verify this information as no such great tragedies have occurred to us since February.

"According to Censor.Net sources, as a result of attacks on Aug. 26, eight Ukrainian soldiers were killed, including two soldiers of the 36th Brigade of Coastal Defense, and six soldiers of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade (from its operative armored infantry battalions). Their bodies are currently in the morgue of Mariupol. These are the facts. No other detailed information on the deceased has been reported. In Donbas battalion, one fighter has been reported heavily injured, two others - slightly injured.

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"Since the information I have received is related to units, it can be checked with those serving there.

"Account of casualties and dealing with dead bodies is in charge of a special unit of the Armed Forces. No one is trying to hush up and conceal losses. There is a delay in reporting, but it could be explained.

"The losses have been caused by a massive Russian artillery fire on our positions - the enemy heavily shelled several positions of Ukrainian military and National Guard units at the same moment . The losses are really heavy, although lower than that claimed by many. Militants use electronic intelligence and drones to adjust fire.

"The enemy commits attacks at all sectors. Russia continues the war," Butusov writes.

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