Europe is deluding itself. Putin is killing people in the east of Ukraine - things should be called by their proper names, - Lithuania's first president

According to former Lithuanian president Vytautas Landsbergis, Europe is currently is a crisis and on the verge of disaster due to Russian aggression.

First president of independent Lithuania, former MP of European Parliament said speaking to journalists, Censor.NET reports citing LigaBusinessInform.

As reported, representatives of various political parties of Lithuania gathered in front of Ukrainian embassy in order to celebrate Ukraine's Independence Day on Aug. 24. Former Lithuanian president noted that his country is part of Europe, so it should support not only Ukraine, but the whole Europe.

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"Europe is deluding itself. We are on the verge of a disaster, just like on the eve of the WWII. Ukraine is in terrible situation. If mercenaries achieve their independence in the east of Ukraine, this would be a triumph for Sergei Lavrov [Russian Foreign Minister, one of the core Kremlin propagandists - ed.]. People are killed there every day. Vladimir Putin is killing them - let's call a cat a cat. But some don't do that. Russia is hoaxing both Ukraine and Europe," Landsbergis said as translated from Russian.

Landsbergis also voiced his concern about some European armies being not strong enough even during the second year of Russian aggression in Ukraine. He noted that Ukraine has created its own army and can repulse the occupant, while some European countries cannot.

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