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 General Staff shifts responsibility for Ilovaisk on soldiers, - Butusov

Some facts in the General Staff report on Ilovaisk tragedy are wrong.

This is announced by the Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Heroes of Ilovaisk are killed once again after a year. This time, with a lie. This time, by their comrades," Butusov outrages.

"I've just read the General Staff report on its version of the Ilovaisk tragedy. It's a shame in front of hundreds of dead guys we let the liars and scoundrels desecrate their memory and shift all responsibility on the dead soldiers," Butusov says.

According to Butusov, its one of the most cynical and false allegations reads:

"The anti-terrorist operation HQ and the General Staff started to receive intelligence data on columns of military equipment of the Russian armed forces crossing the state border of Ukraine on Aug. 25, 2014."

"Do you know why they are lying they learnt about the Russian invasion on Aug. 25? To justify the ATO Commander Viktor Muzhenko, who traveled to parade in Kyiv on Aug. 24 to receive shoulder boards of colonel-general, while Ukraine was being intruded. At the time Muzhenko was putting the boards on, his soldiers were dying near Ilovaisk and no measures were taken by the ATO command. And now, in order to hide the crime, the General Staff falsifies the report having removed the official documents from it..., " he continues.

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According to the journalist, Ukrainian military intelligence warned about the invasion in early August. A BMD-2 IFV was captured near Heorhiievka on Aug. 20. A journalist Roman Bochkala wrote on Aug. 21: "Board number 275, from the 1st Airborne Company, military unit No. 74268, Pskov Airborne Division (platoon commander Lieutenant Popov). I talked to guys having dealt with Russian paratroopers. They are fighters of the 24th Brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces and the special forces unit "Storm". The battle took place near the village of Heorhiievka. The battlefield was strewn with blue berets and Rollton noodle packs (Russian instant noodles - ed.) The pictures show an IFV and with a PKT machine gun mounted on bearing the name of a gunner - private N.D. Surnachev. The same name and initials are listed in the evening roll-call journal, as well as the names of other Russian soldiers apparently fighting in Ukraine." This IFV is currently in Kyiv at the Motherland Monument (among other exhibits evidencing of Russian invasion of Ukraine - ed.)

"The war diary of the D sector has records confirmed by officers from the Verkhovna Rada investigative commission that at 2:30 p.m., Aug. 23 the ATO Commander Muzhenko and the Chief of Staff Nazarov were informed by General Lytvyn of the invasion of Russian troops witnessed by Ukrainian officers, in particular, Colonel Romyhailo, who had repeatedly reported to the ATO HQ. Aug. 24, the ATO command received detailed reports on the Russian invasion from the SBU, border guards, military, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. At 5 p.m. I contacted the 28th Brigade company commander Dmytro Zavadskyi, who was in Starobesheve, and he told me he was personally watching Russian tanks cut the main road to Ilovaisk and that soldiers disguised as locals approached Russian military. Surely, this information was communicated via all channels including the ATO HQ.

"We need a trial the soonest possible and a verdict. The court should present all the documents and orders for everyone to become aware of what happened and who is to blame. Anyone who deliberately delays the trial is a partner in crime, the same as Putin's murderers," Butusov concludes.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n347669