10,000 Crimean Tatars left peninsula during Russia's occupation, - Dzhemilev

From the beginning of the Russian annexation of Crimea at least 10,000 Crimean Tatars left the peninsula, the former head of the Crimean Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev said.

"Tough discrimination and lawlessness against the Crimean Tatars, especially kidnappings and murders of young people, forced conscription of young people into the army to send them to war with their brothers, the Ukrainians, complete negligence of democratic freedoms and lack of any prospects for young people in the occupied Crimea make many of them leave their homeland again and move to the mainland of Ukraine," Dzhemilev said in his speech at the II World Congress of Crimean Tatars, held in Ankara, Turkey, Censor.NET reports citing BBC.

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The occupation Crimean authorities claim the Crimean Tatars fall under no pressure on the peninsula. According to Dzhemilev, at the moment Crimea is seeing a large number of ethnic Russians both from inside Russia and military areas in the east of Ukraine being brought in.

Meanwhile, the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars Refat Chubarov said that now the Crimean Tatars are forced to "experience a new version of genocide." He was re-elected president of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars on Saturday at the congress in Ankara.

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