There are three alternatives to vetoed Boeing tribunal, the Netherlands say

Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine are considering three alternative options for setting up an international tribunal over the downed Boeing, after Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution.

This was announced by the spokesperson for the Dutch Foreign Ministry, Censor.NET reports citing Reuters. One option is to have a court established by the U.N. General Assembly. If two-thirds of the international organization support this decision, Russia will not be able to veto.

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The second option is to have an international tribunal backed by the five countries without the United Nations. The problem with such a decision may be that a UN -backed court could be given the power to issue arrest warrants valid in all countries. A court backed by a limited group of countries would be unlikely to have the same power.

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A third option would be a trial in national courts of one of the four countries concerned. As reported before, the downed aircraft belonged to a Malaysian airlines with 192 out of 298 passengers on board being Dutch.

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