Russia confirmed its crime with its UN veto, NSDC Secretary Turchynov says

By abusing its veto right and having blocked the UN Security Council's decision to set up an international tribunal on investigation into the Malaysian Boeing downing, Russia has in fact proven its crime and attempted to delay it accountability for killing innocent people.

This was announced by NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov in his comment, Censor.NET reports.

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"International community shall stop watching the blood-drunk criminals' impunity. Russia will not avoid accountability," he said noting that Russian authorities will be held responsible 'by God and by people' for the terror, killings, aggression, and lost lives.

NSDC Secretary reminded that this is not the first time when Russia abused its right to veto. "Other UN resolutions on Crimea annexation, on the Donbas war, on introducing peacekeepers to stop combat activities were also blocked," Turchynov noted, saying that yesterday's veto was a "challenge to humankind and humanity."

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He is certain that this shall be a reason for making amendments to the UN Charter. "A country cannot vote on a decision concerning its crime. Otherwise it's total discredit and collapse of UN Security Council," Turchynov stressed.

"Ukraine and the countries whose citizens were killed in the terrorist act shall make proposals regarding relevant amendments to the UN Charter," the NSDC Secretary said.

According to him, many things have changed in the world since UN establishment in 1945, "so the matter of UN reforming has long been topical."

If the UN Charter is not amended, this organization will lose its authority and ability to react to dangerous and large-scale modern challenges, Turchynov summed up.

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