NSDC Secretary Turchynov says Christianization of Rus' has nothing to do with Russia, despite Putin's claims

Putin's passage about the meaning of the Christianization of Kyivan Rus by Volodymyr for "the Russian nation and Russia as a whole" is an attempt to steal other people's historical heritage.

As reported by Censor.NET, the National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov wrote on his Facebook page.

"If we are talking about the historical roots, it is absolutely not clear what does one of the Golden Horde khanates have in common with the Principality of Kyiv and prince Volodymyr," Turchynov stresses.

He notes that when Volodymyr baptized Kyivan Rus no one heard of Moscow or Muscovy for two more centuries on and thus they have nothing to do with Kyiv and Volodymyr.

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"If we are talking about the historical influence of a personality on formation of "the united Russian nation and the Russian state" there would be more logic for Moscow to kneel not before our Prince Volodymyr, who could not imagine the northern swamps to be built over, but before Batu Khan, who gave Aleksandr Nevskiy a jarliq authorizing his rule," Turchynov said.

"Muscovy could arise only if backed by Mongol invaders. In reality, Moscow still retains this legacy - a Horde era formula of ruling and communication with neighboring countries. Their recent attempts to solve problems by getting another jarliq in the East basically reflect their mentality, historical and ethnic origins," Turchynov summed up.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n345720