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 No traces of trust remain between Ukraine and Russia. There is simply no communication between diplomats of the two countries, – Ukraine’s Foreign Minister

The Ukrainian-Russian relations will not return to normal in the near future.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said in an interview with The New Times, Censor.NET reports.

"No traces of this all-embracing trust between Ukraine and Russia remained. I do not see any chances of this trust recovery. Even formal normalization of Ukrainian-Russian relations is out of question while there is a hybrid war in the Donbas and temporary occupation of Crimea. We will certainly solve some practical problems of coexistence as purely geographical neighbors. But this will not develop into a normal interstate relations," he said.

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"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is actually the only one who I have to communicate with. Our communication with him is always a discussion focused on the practical aspects of the implementation of the Minsk deal," Klimkin said being asked about the process of communication with the Russian diplomats. He also stressed that there was no communication with Lavrov that would go beyond that issue.

"I cannot to say that our communication is constrained but I cannot call it natural and relaxed either," he added.

"As for the communication between our and Russian diplomats - it just does not exist ... the exception is the issues relating to the support of the Ukrainians in Russia. Or the matters associated with the political prisoners, or consular access. I recall how we were enforcing the consular access to Nadiya Savchenko (Ukrainian pilot held by the Kremlin as a hostage in jail - Ed.), how we were providing assistance with the search for lawyers. Sometimes we just bring some good news from the motherland," Klimkin said.

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