Militants will seek to seize new territories whenever and wherever Kremlin chooses, - Pyatt

Pyatt gives no prospects of a possible onset of pro-Russian militants, though believing they will not stop.

The US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt does not give any forecasts as for militants' further advance on Mariupol, though noting there are reasons to believe they will continue seeking to seize new territories. The ambassador expressed this on Tuesday during a telephone conference, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

Pyatt says he long ago gave up on any prospects, because the Kremlin's behavior is unpredictable and irresponsible. According to him, it is important to not only focus on Mariupol, as all these hybrid maneuvers of pro-Russian militants, equipment, training evidence of Kremlin and its confidants maintaining the capability to further seize new territories whenever and wherever Kremlin chooses. Therefore, the ambassador adds, it's important for the US and Ukraine to be united.

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The head of the EU delegation to Ukraine ambassador Jan Tombinski also said that any further military actions by Russia-backed militants will be regarded as a dramatic violation of all commitments aimed at a political settlement of the crisis.

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