Russian commandos Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov are awaiting trial in Kyiv, SBU press-secretary says

The Security Service of Ukraine has denied information on alleged exchange of the two Russians - GRU special forces operatives Yevgeniy Yerofeyev and Alexander Aleksandrov.

SBU spokesperson Olena Hitlianska told on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

"This information is untrue. It is very strange that the Ukrainian media engaged so actively into spread of Russia's fake," Hitlianska noted.

"The Russian servicemen (Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov - Ed.) are currently in Kyiv and continue anticipating the completion of the investigation and trial. The investigation is underway," she said.

"It seems to me that they (the authorities of the state) have already declared their intention to bring this case to court. And we want to show today that the Russian military are actually present in Ukraine, they are actually fighting on the side of the terrorists, and I think that it is crucially important for us to bring the case to court," she summed up.

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Earlier, the Russian Gazeta.ru news outlet reported citing own sources that Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov have allegedly been exchanged for Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Yerofeyev's lawyer Oksana Sokolovska also denied information about the exchange of the Russian GRU operatives for the Ukrainian ATO soldiers.

"This information has nothing to do with reality. At least as of today, for something may change tomorrow," she wrote on her Facebook page July 28 in the morning.

"Perhaps my 'honorable' colleague could not come up with more intriguing publicity move. It is a pure and simple fake!" Sokolovska commented on the article in Gazeta.ru.

"The guys are undergoing treatment in the military hospital in the territory of Ukraine being remanded under extended pre-trial investigation," the lawyer assured.

She noted that she has not permitted Kostiantyn Kravchuk, the lawyer of another GRU operative Aleksandrov, to contact with Aleksandrov's mother via Skype using her smartphone, so "the colleague has found a solution - he has spread untrue information."

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