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 Russia’s PM scares Ukraine by repeating of Yugoslavia scenario: “The process may become really dramatic”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, following rhetoric of the Kremlin, does not consider Russia responsible for the conflict in the Donbas.

He stated this in an interview with Slovenian RTV, Censor.NET informs citing the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation.

"The Ukrainian crisis has man-made features. It was not just conceived in someone's mind or emerged due to some other force majeure, no - it has an artificial nature while the former and current leaders of Ukraine are responsible for it... The Ukrainian crisis could be resolved only in the territory of Ukraine by Ukrainians themselves. Not by the Russian Federation, the European Union or the United States but exceptionally by Ukrainians themselves. They need to sit down and make an agreement. The authorities should show flexibility within the Minsk agreements, make the decisions they have to make, including the ones regarding autonomies in the southeast of Ukraine (Donbas - Ed.). Naturally, the rebels and political forces operating in the southeast (the Russian-backed terrorists and militants - Ed.) should show disposition to strike a compromise and reach agreement with the Ukrainian authorities. And then there will be peace on the Ukrainian land. This is probably the most important thing, because we will witness a very sad process if this is not done. It is actually very sad now but it can become really dramatic," Medvedev said.

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Medvedev held up Yugoslavia as an example of the sad scenario which he used to scare Ukraine with.

"I have recollected Yugoslavia just because I hoped that we would not have to recall in the same vein after a while that there had been a state once that was called Ukraine," Medvedev said.

At the same time the Russian prime minister said that Russia was not responsible for the conflict in the Donbas.

"Everyone who wants to achieve real progress in negotiations can help, including Russia, although we do not consider ourselves responsible for this conflict," Medvedev said.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n345129