Separatists beg Russia for more guns complaining of being abandoned, - The Times

The alleged terrorists’ offensive in the Donbas can be launched in the fall after the elections in the government-controlled territory of Ukraine.

InoPressa reports citing the article in The Times by Jack Losh, Censor.NET informs.

A Russian separatist commander has accused Moscow of abandoning rebels in eastern Ukraine and called on it to supply more weapons, the newspaper reads.

Alexei Markov, of the Prizrak (Ghost) Brigade in the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic, said that his fighters were eager to launch a summer offensive, but found themselves unable to respond to constant artillery attacks from the Ukrainian army.

"We want weapons from Moscow - we have very few and are running short of supplies. We need more troops, more artillery, more combat vehicles," Markov said, quoted by The Times.

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According to Jack Losh, the section of the front line, where the Ghost Brigade is deployed, is one of the forgotten corners of the conflict.

According to the journalist, there are fighters from Chechnya, Siberia, Western Russia and Ukraine, as well as two neo-Stalinist volunteers from Italy in Markov's formation.

Unnamed source among the separatists told the newspaper that the offensive could be launched in fall of 2015 after the elections in the government-controlled territory of Ukraine, adding that there will presumably be a stand-off until that time.

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