Volunteer Heorhii Tuka apointed governor of Luhansk region. PHOTO

President of Ukraine named Heorhii Tuka new head of the Luhansk military and civil administration.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"I've recently embarked on a new initiative of involving volunteers, after all previous initiatives to strangle smuggling across the demarcation line were thwarted. And the first person to come and help was Heorhii Tuka. He was not afraid of catching a bullet having been a part of mobile groups from the very beginning of the war, he detained trucks with illegal vodka, cigarettes and money to support separatists. From the very first day of the war he aided our armed forces realizing his cause of being at the front lines with the Ukrainian servicemen," Poroshenko said.


As reported earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appointed former head of the Luhansk military and civil administration Hennadii Moskal the head of the Zakarpattia regional administration with Yurii Klymenko being appointed the acting head.

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Later, it leaked in media that the presidential administration was considering Heorhii Tuka as a potential candidate for the post of the Luhansk region governor.

Previously, Tuka said that if he was offered the post, he would gather a team and take the offer.

Heorhii Tuka is 51 years old, known as volunteer, founder and coordinator of the Narodnyi Tyl volunteer initiative. Before, he worked in the IT sphere, took active part in the events on the Maidan. His son volunteered to serve in the Ukrainian armed forces. Tuka coordinates the Volunteer Inspector project intended to monitor soldier's everyday life facilities. Two weeks ago Poroshenko met with Tuka and other volunteers to discuss a joint strategy to combat smuggling in the Donbas. Following the meeting, Tuka and his volunteers left for the area, where they detained several trucks trying to smuggle goods to the occupied areas in the Luhansk region.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n344877