MP Lozovyi about immunity lifting: "These are ridiculous accusations and Shokin's petty revenge"

Radical Party faction MP Andrii Lozovyi gave Censor.NET his comment of the Prosecutor General's statement about his deprivation of deputy's immunity.

This is reported by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov citing the deputy: "Yes, indeed, such a citation is already received by the Verkhovna Rada. I do not have it at my disposal, because I am in Chernihiv, in the 205th constituency, but the citation is in the Parliament."

According to Lozovyi, he is suspected of beating the head of the Kotsiubynske village council in April 2015.

"I went there at the request of a group of fighters from the 72nd Infantry Brigade, who the council refused to allot land plots supposed for the ATO soldiers under the law. I have been long time volunteering for this brigade, and I trust these soldiers. The head of the village council actually was not present and a fight with the council's secretary occurred. I did not hit him and I'm ready to defend my position in court.

"It seems absurd to me that instead of fighting corruption, instead of the normal pre-trial investigation, which I don't elude, the Prosecutor General's Office puts forward this ridiculous charge asking for withdrawal of my deputy's immunity. I am one of those collecting signatures for the resignation of Shokin, and what we have here is his petty revenge. I welcome taking the citation over to the parliament after, I hope, all the deputies of all factions become familiar with the case. They will understand why we must all work together for Shokin's resignation, who is involved in the Shapakin-Korniiets group in the PGO."

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