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 Ukrainian artillery unit commander: "Every night our positions near Donetsk are shelled as hell. We are not allowed to fire back. We receive no reconnaissance data"

Commander of one of the Ukrainian artillery units talks about strange war near Donetsk.

The commander's story is cited by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"To distract everyone from politics, let's recall the truce is being violated by the enemy on the front line, the war is raging and people are dying. The commander of an artillery unit (of permitted by the Minsk agreements caliber) describes a strange war near Donetsk:

"A week-stay at the artillery sites Avdiivka-Pisky-Vodiane. Every evening our positions are shelled as hell. We come forth, deploy, get targets and await for permission to fire from Kyiv. While waiting, the separatists interrupt and we are certainly not allowed to fire when it's silence. Tonight it was the same, though the terrorists worked hard as never before. Even attacking Marinka they wasn't that mad. Fire and then silence. We lay in wait. The separatists calmed down. We went back to have a sleep. The moment I fell asleep we were covered by artillery. The funny thing about all this was they texted us just before shelling and after it. Their reconnaissance is top notch: drones, mobile phone detectors. We are legging behind a great deal... It's a shame. They shelled the field hard. We were not allowed to retaliate. The soldiers are growling thinking of either fighting or going home. Our firing is rare, skills are raw and quickly forgotten. We receive no reconnaissance data. The military are waiting for permission from Kyiv, as counter-battery is prohibited."

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