Avakov sends Interior Ministry's special group for legitimacy of elections in Chernihiv's 205th constituency

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov sends a special investigative-operational group to Chernihiv, on Monday, to secure legitimacy of the elections in the 205th constituency.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the head of the Internal Affairs Ministry on his Facebook page.

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"Elections in Chernihiv. One mandate. More than 90 candidates with two of them, Serhii Berezenko and Hennadii Korban being sides of a ferocious fight over the mandate. They are a pro-presidential and an opposition candidate. In my opinion, what is happening now in Chernihiv is in no way elections. This freak show combines all the nasty and dirty things being peculiar of our Ukrainian elections for the last two decades.. packs of groceries, deals, money, fights, schemes, lists.. a complete set of dirty technologies," he wrote.

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"And what will happen if we do not intervene? The ministry has already got information about the upcoming election night trip to Chernihiv of athlete-looking "tourists" from the two key candidates. And then, a disgusting spectacle of dirty technologies will follow... Given what is happening in the Chernihiv region - I will have to implement some special measures taking hundreds of police officers from their key duties to provide hard response even before the voting day," Avakov said.

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"If the Central Election Commission doesn't react, the ministry will have to. That is our function... On Monday, a special investigative-operational group entitled with a law enforcement function during the election process is sent backed by law enforcement officers from other regions. The group is intended to curb illegal agitation, bribery, voting violations," the head of the ministry said.

"I call on deputies, monitoring and civil organizations to get in touch with the Interior Ministry and, using preventive measures, provide a clean week in this dirty electoral marathon at the 205th constituency. I also ask candidates Korban, Berezenko and others to act solely in the legal framework, without ambiguity and provocations. Ask I not - I demand!" Avakov resumed.

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