Contract soldiers from Maykop, Russia complained to Putin’s advisor about corruption, hazing, living conditions, and threat of sending to fight against Ukraine

Contract soldiers from Maykop military unit number 22179 and their mothers met with Mikhail Fedotov, Russian president's advisor and the Head of the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights. During the meeting, the soldiers told Fedotov about corruption, hazing, poor living conditions, and their fears that they would be sent to fight in Ukraine.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Novaya Gazeta. Participants of the meeting with the Head of the Russian Federation for Human Rights (RFHR) Council were mothers of contract soldiers - Olga Flyarkovskaya, Svetlana Kimnatnaya, and Vera Kalmykova. Kimnatnaya's son, Ivan Shevkunov, has been in custody for two month now. There are two criminal cases concerning him under articles 337 ("absence without leave") and 338 ("desertion"). In fall of 2014 he was at the Kadamovskiy training ground in the Rostov region, but soon left for the military unit. According to Svetlana, the reasons were unbearable living conditions and fear of being sent to Ukraine.

Days before, Maikop garrison court extended the detention for Shevkunov. As for Vera Kalmykova, her son Oleg has been sentenced to the one year of penal settlement. He was also at the Kadamovskiy training ground and could not stay there because of the abominable conditions of life: there was no light, no water, and no normal bed. Now Oleg Kalmykov is absconding.

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Assistant of Head of the RFHR together with Maikop officials tried to prevent the journalists from this meeting. Attending Commissioner for Human Rights in Adygea Colonel Anatoly Osokin asked contract soldiers about information in Ukrainian media: Are the soldiers allegedly "refused to obey an order of the Supreme Commander Putin and did not want to fight against the Ukrainian brothers?" Alexander Yevenko and Alexander Enenko responded that they had never said that.

However, soldiers' mothers Olga Flyarkovskaya and Svetlana Kimnatnaya explained: their sons received no offers to go to war. Nevertheless, at the Kadamovskiy training ground in the Rostov region, according to them, there were some mercenary recruiters who proposed to go to Ukraine. Moreover, there was a camp of so-called 'rebels' [eastern Ukraine separatists - ed.] nearby. All this has raised fears of Russian soldiers who did not want to go to war.

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In addition, there is a written statement by contract soldier Pavel Tynchenko, who is currently on remand. "I had not obeyed a criminal order, because I did not want to go against the oath that I took and did not want to take part in military operations on the territory of Ukraine," his statement to Maikop garrison court judge reads.

When the medium's correspondent tried to take comment from the command of the military unit number 22179, he was detained by the Federal Security Service officer Valery Kovalchuk (as stated in the certificate).

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