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 Corruption scandal in Ukrenergo: "Grigorishyn’s transformers" to be purchased at a price twice as high as the market one

The brand new Ukraine launched one of the largest transactions of the post-Maidan history which may place “Grigorishyn’s transformers” meme right next to "Boiko’s oil rigs" one.

Censor.NET reports citing Nashі hroshі.

According to the outlet, the government decided to spend 4 billion hryvnia (over $166 million) on purchase of transformers produced by the only domestic manufacturer Zaporizhtransformator PJSC (ZTR), owned by Konstantin Grigorishyn. "And to do its best to prevent others from participation in the tender. Suggested price was twice as high as the market one. That means that 2 billion hryvnia (over $83 million) were to fatten the wallets of certain people. Despite the media frenzy and accusations of corruption, the National Energy Regulation Commission (NERC) approved new investment program for Ukrenergo while reducing the amount to 2.1 billion hryvnia," the medium reports.

The outlet also notes that there is actually no need to purchase mentioned transformers.

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"The transformers are to be purchased "just in case" (unlike "Boiko's oil rigs" - Ed.). Market experts have repeatedly noted that Ukraine was replacing from one to five transformers during a year but not 37 as it was initially envisaged and even not 27, which have eventually been agreed upon... The budget had spent $400 million on "Boiko's oil rigs" at the actual price of $250 million. The rigs were just a child's play against "Grigorishyn's transformers". We have monitored the prices of different manufacturers operating in the market and they turned out to be twice lower than the planned expenditures of Ukrenergo. It is already clear that the overpayment for the rigs is just coins against the one for the transformers," the outlet notes.

Monitoring revealed lots of offers on the global market at a price of $10,000-13,000 per one Mega-volt ampere. Moreover, these prices are available in Ukraine, and even Grigorishyn offers them. For example, ZTR delivered ATDTN-200000/330/110-U1 transformer at a price of $10,300 per one Mega-volt ampere to Belarus Minskenergo in September 2014. Grigorishyn's enterprise planned to deliver transformer of the same type to one of the Ukrenergo enterprises but in this case the price was $19,000 per one Mega-volt ampere. However, the tender procedure was canceled. The new bid announced by Ukrenergo provides for the purchase of transformers at an estimated cost of 113 million hryvnia or $26,000 per one Mega-volt ampere.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n344271