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 Main version in Mukacheve incident is smugglers' confrontation, - Security Service

The second version is a possible involvement of law enforcement officers in the incident.

The SBU is considering several versions of the events in Mukacheve, the main being a conflict among smugglers. This was announced today at a briefing by the Head of the Main Investigation Department of the SBU Hryhorii Ostafiichuk, Censor.NET reports citing LIGABusinessInform.

"In my opinion, we have to consider several versions of the conflict. The first is a conflict resulting from the so-called illegal flow of goods across the customs territory on western borders. I primarily see this as a conflict. Because these people, on the one hand, sheltered the process. On the other hand, it seems to me that the people had other intentions. Perhaps they sincerely believed they could choose a different path, but the path happened to be entirely illegitimate. It is one of the versions," he said.

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The second version, according to the SBU, may be a possible involvement of law enforcement officers in the events. "As for the version of a terrorist act, I believe that at the time the offence was committed and put into register, there were signs of such crime, but today there are no motives. Therefore, talking of a terrorist act is groundless," Ostafiichuk said.

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