Russian lawyer: Soldiers unwilling to fight in Ukraine are sentenced to short terms for silence

In Russia, one can be sentenced to a 10-year imprisonment for leaving duty station or desertion.

As reported by Censor.NET, Russian lawyer, human rights activist, deputy general director of the First United Union of Lawyers of Kuban LLC, Tatyana Chernetskaya, told Hlavkom in an interview about the fate of Russian soldiers refusing to go to war in Ukraine. In particular, it concerns the story of the private Anatoliy Kudrin from the Maikop reconnaissance brigade, who has been already sentenced to six months at a penal settlement. However, as it turned out, this is a minor penalty for such a violation. In Russia, one can be sentenced to a 10-year imprisonment for leaving duty station or desertion. "A willful leave of duty station falls under Part 4, Article 337 of the Russian Criminal Code. It stipulates for a zero-to-five-year imprisonment. I think he was given such a short term just to be made calm and silent. At the moment the verdict is not in force, as it was appealed by Anatoliy," the lawyer said.

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One of those who refused to go to war in the Donbas, Aleksandr Yenenko, is under house arrest. He said that "some people in camouflage clothing with no insignia were agitating for going to the Donbas to fight for money." However, Tatyana Chernetskaya doesn't know where this agitation took place and how to track down such employees. "I believe it is a task of the military unit administration or investigating authorities. I am just a lawyer, how can I find these people? Any military object is a strictly guarded area, especially when we are talking about a military training range. They need to check all documents to find out if any stranger came in. They also need to interrogate all military personnel. This work should be done by investigating authorities together with the military unit administration. We are also looking for any evidence, asking people about what they know or who has already resigned from this military unit, and so on," she said.

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The lawyer acknowledges that some Russian soldiers sent in resignation for five times, but it was not accepted. "Moreover, the military prosecutor's office of the Maikop garrison carried out inspection of two soldiers Aleksandr Yenenko and Pavel Tynchenko. It found violations by the military unit administartion of the order of their submission to resignation. As a result, an order to the commander of the military unit was issued to eliminate these violations, but nothing has been done so far. I think there is a good chance these cases will go to court, if they choose to protect themselves by all legal means, if they choose to fight," Chernetskaya resumed.

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