One of the most intensive artillery stikes upon Ukrainian territory since Minsk agreements took place yesterday, - NSDC

Yesterday, the Russian terrorist groups conducted one of the most intensive strikes since the Minsk agreements were signed, thus flagrantly violating arrangements on cease-fire and heavy weapons withdrawal.

Ukrainian positions were shelled with banned powerful 152-mm artillery systems. Eight Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 16 received wounds, Censor.NET informs citing NSDC press service.

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"There have been more attempts recently to penetrate into Ukrainian territory with terrorist and sabotage and reconnaissance groups; the enemy has enhanced its agents network in order to destruct social and political stability, to spread panic, and to provoke citizens, in particular to blocking movements of Army and National Guard units.

"Such activities prove another Russia's attempt to destroy the Minsk agreements and to renew active hostilities by starting offensives at least at three important directions along the demarcation line," the message reads.

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The Joint Staff of the Ukrainian Army is developing efficient measures to counter Russian aggression. An operation headquarters has been created with involvement of heads of law enforcing agencies in order to counter all provocations of the Kremlin agents, to secure order in the country, and provide for citizens' security.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n343951