Shokin promised Poroshenko to do his best to punish prosecutors-grafters, - Sakvarelidze

Yesterday's criminal proceeding regarding prosecutors, the SBU and the Court of Appeal is closed.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the Deputy Prosecutor General Davit Sakvarelidze on his Facebook page.

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"Today Ukraine got another victory - the president of Ukraine signed the amendments to the law on prosecutor's office, adopted a week ago, which give us an opportunity to really launch the prosecutor's office reform: open its doors to young, motivated, honest Ukrainians. A new approach to recruitment through open and transparent competition will make it possible for them to succeed, to implement qualitative changes throughout the entire system," he wrote.

"Once again I thank all the MPs who voted for these changes and gave us a chance to reform the prosecutor's office. Signing the amendments to the law, the president reiterated his clear position - full support of self-purification of the prosecutor's office and zero tolerance to corruption within the entire system," Sakvarelidze said.

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"I also want to thank ordinary people, civil society activists, journalists - all those who have always supported us and our team of investigators and prosecutors, operative officers of the anti-corruption department in the SBU in our fight against corruption. We are grateful for all the trust you give us today. This belief and support gives us a signal that we are moving in the right direction - the people of Ukraine are behind us, we can not fall short of their expectations," the deputy prosecutor general stressed.

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"At the meeting with the president the prosecutor general stated he would do everything possible to punish the detained corrupt officials. Accordingly, yesterday's criminal proceeding regarding prosecutors, the SBU and the Court of Appeal was closed! Without teamwork and without a common vision it is absolutely impossible to bring the matter to an end. And this is only our first steps. Let's move on...!!!" Sakvarelidze resumed.

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