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 We need to defuse tensions. The situation is generally under control, - Right Sector leader Yarosh

Leader of the Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh confirmed the voluntary surrender of two Right Sector soldiers to law enforcers.

Leader of the Right Sector said commenting on the situation in Mukacheve as of 1 a.m. July 14 to Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov.

He said: "Indeed, two soldiers of the Right Sector have come to the representatives of the law enforcement agencies and laid down their arms. They are bearing witness to the SBU investigators not to aggravate the situation. That is, they have already begun to give explanations, which, I hope, will provide a complete picture of the situation for the investigation. I do not have information whether the rest of the soldiers are going to lay down their arms. Do I have possibility to communicate with them? I cannot give any comment regarding this. We need to defuse tensions. The situation is generally under control. The checkpoints of the Right Sector in some cities on the roads have been established just to control the movement of armored vehicles - they do not impede traffic."

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"I hope that everyone understands the situation and will do one's best to avoid clashes. My order regarding the export of weapons of Aug. 17, 2014 is currently valid. The fact is that there are those among the soldiers who have been participating in the battles from the very beginning and they use weapons that have been brought before this ban. The weapons are crucial for protection against bandits in Transcarpathia. The soldiers have used weapons only because they blocked smuggling and were receiving threats from local gangs. The Ukrainian Laws have no effect here so it's too dangerous to speak to mafia unarmed," Yarosh stressed.

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He stated: "At the same time one must understand where and how to use weapons. Our goal is to save Ukraine and preserve stability. It is necessary to immediately resolve staffing issues of local authorities. The leadership of the prosecutor's office, customs office, local police, including the old "Berkut" detachment - they all must be replaced. The head of the regional SBU directorate is a sane person and trustworthy too. But we must scrutinize the actions of the regional department for combating corruption. We are working together with the Security Service and the Anti-Terrorist Center in order to preserve peace and prevent further aggravation"

"I cannot say whether those guys, who went to the mountains, may be got in touch with. The only thing I can say is that we will do our best to preserve peace. Ukrainians have to use arms at the front but not in the rear," the leader of the Right Sector concluded.

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