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 SBU announced detainment of two Right Sector members involved in Mukacheve shooting; Right Sector says they surrendered

The Security Service of Ukraine detained members of the Right Sector involved in the Mukacheve events.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the SBU press secretary Olena Hitlianska.

She noted that "During a special operation, the Security Service of Ukraine has detained two members of the Right Sector, who were involved in Mukacheve events of July 11."

"The detainees were lamming and armed.

"SBU together with the General Prosecutor's Office are conducting investigation.

"Searching activities are being held in cooperation with special units of the Interior Ministry and the National Guard," Hitlianska said.

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Right Sector Commander Andrii Stempitskyi commented on this: "Two our members intentionally surrendered to the SBU. They have behaved as Fighters, made a sound and difficult decision. The goal is to provide complete information on the Zakarpattia and those bastards who ruled there, and to stop this flow of shit pouring over the Right Sector. This is a respect-worthy act.

"The guys did so exclusively for the sake of their comrades, and in complete reconciliation with other fighters. Glory to heroes! The unit has been at the front line, they all fought heroically. This is said to those who comment that some fight at the front, and others cover up by insignia in the rear. This is not about them. They have received their insignia with blood at the front line," he summarized.

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